TrakLogik is a small Research&Development company located in San Diego, CA and in Bangor, Maine.

TrakLogik was started in 2011 in California with the idea of applying advanced Mathematical solutions
that require non-trivial data analysis, and implementing these solutions on the parallel hardware for
real-time processing.  In 2012, we opened a major branch in Maine.
TrakLogik, LLP
Partnerships and Alliances
Dr. Marina Murzina is a Founder, President & CTO of

She has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Astrophysics
(Ph.D. thesis: "Self-Similar Solutions in the Theory of
Collapsing Stars and Supernova Explosions
") and M.S.
in Physics, diploma with Honor, from Moscow State
University, specializing in Neutrino Physics, Supernova
explosions, structure of the shock waves in the collapsing
stars, Plasma Physics and Nuclear Physics.
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Dr. Natalia Abramova is a Co-Founder and CEO
of TrakLogik, Maine.
Her Academic background is
in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology.

TrakLogik  is a registered vendor for
the University of Maine providing
Mathematical analysis of Bio-Medical
TrakLogik closely works with the
Maine Technology Institute. In 2012,
we won a grant for developing an
FPGA Encryptor.
We also started a set of new projects
related to patent filing.
A2Tech, Italy, developes cutting-edge
technologies in aerial surveillance,
UAV design, video target tracking.
A2Tech has provided us with video
data for surveillance applications. We
are collaborating hypr-spectral pattern
Our latest project, in 2013, is analyzing
data for the Department of Vet
Technology of the University of Maine
in Augusta.
The Security Network provides support
to our cyber-security project.
The mission of The Security Network
is to advance security by “Fostering
Innovation through Collaboration”

Dr. Murzina has worked as a senior scientist at the
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics in
Moscow, University of Virginia and the University of New
York at Stony Brook.

She has served as a Head of the Mathematics Group at
Omnigon Technologies, Inc. (Data Mining, logical algebra,
graph theory applications, clustering, and context-based
representation of mathematical spaces), Senior Scientist
at Brookhaven technology Group, Inc. (nuclear
resonance, nuclear isomers), and Chief Scientist at
Appserver Solutions, Inc. Dr. Murzina has led Research
and Development projects developing hyper-spectral
imaging, video tracking, logical algebra, Radio-Frequency
analysis (finding white spaces for wi-fi radios) and
network optimization applications, and worked on image
processing, data mining, and parallel methods for a
variable bit-width hardware design (FPGA and super-
parallel DSP).
Dr. Murzina has published more than 35 scientific papers
in the major scientific journals of the US and Europe,
served as a principal investigator for DoD SBIR project
HyperSpectral Data Cube Processor with High Speed
and Efficiency
implemented on an FPGA platform.
Dr. Murzina has served as a principal investigator for the
MTI-funded project "FPGA Packet Manager & Encryptor,
Masha Kubyshina Salvado is a VP of Business
Development, Marketing and Sales,
in the USA & Europe.

Her background includes:
* Marketing with emphasis on Brand Management, Statistics and Web development at UC Berkley, CA;
* BA in Photography from IEFC (Institute
of Photographic Studies of Catalonia), Barcelona,
Spain: Concentrations in fashion photography,
advertising photography and Photoshop;
* BA in English Philology from UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Barcelona, Spain.

She has run the operations and development for
a series of successful companies:
Planned and guided marketing processes including
    customer acquisition and retention campaigns;
Initiated and supervised social media marketing;
Ensured sales and product visibility.

Her full Resume is available here.