Spectral Analysis of Wines
and Juices
Spectral features of wines are directly related
to their degustation properties.

We develop a database of spectral signatures
of wines, along with the algorithms for finding
wines that are close in taste.

The goal is to help winemakers inform their clients
about their favorite-tasting wines, and to help wine consumers find wines for different Foods and Moods.

The technology is commerialized by the member
of TrakLogik group WineMethods.com
TrakLogik, LLP
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TrakLogik is developing a compact stand-alone FPGA-based
Ethernet Packet Manager. The goal is to enable our customers
re-route and modify Ethernet Packets exactly the way they desire.

Ethernet packets are analyzed for the patterns of interest
(addresses, keywords, data properties) for making decisions such
as encryption, re-routing, blocking, changing contents of the data.

We implement standard Type 1 and lower encryption, along with
proprietary encryption algorithms. Because of FPGA design,
the device cannot be intruded. Also, the system is invisible
on the network.
FPGA Ethernet Packet Manager and Encryptor
In October 2012, TrakLogik has won a Tech-Start Grant
with Maine Technology Institute for developing a super-secure
FPGA-based Ethernet Packet Manager.

The patent is now pending, and our engineering team is
developing custom and fully customizable standalone compact
FPGA encryptor/manager.
The Security Network is our good partner educating us about
latest events in cyber-security and helping us with finding
partners and customers.
Bio-Medical Data Mining
and Statistical Analysis
TrakLogik performs data analysis for medical and biological research.

We particularly specialize in situations where the data is not standard or where standard methods do not give immediate results.
TrakLogik is a registered vendor for
the University of Maine providing
Mathematical analysis of Bio-Medical
We apply standard methods, develop new algorithms, perform computations, produce plots and tables, and deliver reports
that can be embedded into customer's publication(s).

Our latest project, in 2013, is analyzing data for the Department
of Vet Technology of the University of Maine in Augusta.
Target-Tracking in Aerial Videos
Target-Tracking in  Under-Water Images:
Plankton Recognition
Tracking a car (small green/red rectangle on the highway), seen as a 2-6 pixel object.
The movie was taken from a fixed-wing Evektor Sportstar in Italy, with
A2Tech .
The challenges of this tracking application are:
1) the target is extremely small;
2) the target has ever-changing non-uniform color;
3) the target disappears  -- because of loss of resolution or when obscured by the bridges.
4) tracking requires a very precise image stabilization because even small movements of the on-board
      camera cause shifts bigger than the target;
5) there are many similar-looking objects in the view -- since the target is poorly resolved.
The project has been partly developed for AppServer Solutions, Inc.
The application works in C++ software and be ported into hardware.
Under an exclusive license, Traklogik has provided Bellamare, LLC a novel software design for identifying
plankton species in underwater images.

Due to a high diversity of species and conditions, plankton recognition has been a challenge for conventional
pattern recognition. To date most annotations of images have been done manually.

This project offers great opportunities for environmental research, marine science, environmental impact
assessments, and for the fishing industry.

In-Situ Plankton Imaging (C.Cousin, M. Murzina), Presentation at Maritime Alliance, Nov. 29, 2011.   
Press-Release: "Monitoring System to Count, Identify Plankton" with Sea-Tech News.
* Patent pending.
* Murzina, M.V.A. "Spectral chanages of red wines
   as a result of oxidation", ISRN Spectroscopy,
Wine Methods, the member of TrakLogik group, commercializes
our technology in the global market. Viable products include
online wine signature database, wine mobile applications and
industry consulting.  more...